Grounding: Day Sixteen

Grounding: Day Sixteen Today I roped in a friend to join me with my grounding session. It was -1 C when we did it and the grass was wet. It made for a slightly less pleasant experience than if it was a nice dry, warm sunny day. However; the sun was shining and it really … Continue reading Grounding: Day Sixteen

Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day Eight The sun was out in full glory today and I was in a much better mood - further supporting my belief that my moods reflect the weather. When I stood in my back garden I noticed all sorts of sounds I previously ignored...the cars and trucks rushing along the main road, the … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eight

Grounding: Day One

If you missed this post where I explain what this 30 day challenge is all about, you might want to go check it out before cracking on with this one. So, here's my round up of day ONE of trying this Grounding method out! Theoretically, I should feel a reduction in aches, pains and even stress, because … Continue reading Grounding: Day One