How I Cooled my Son’s Temper in SECONDS

This is my youngest son, Nicholas. He is 6 years old, passionate, introverted - unlike his brothers - and intelligent. He has a remarkable memory and very much knows his own mind. When he's happy, he's quietly happy. But when he's not happy. Oh boy. Don't we all know it. As of late, his temper … Continue reading How I Cooled my Son’s Temper in SECONDS

Laura’s Not-So-Beautiful Hedgehog Cake

I was deliberating whether to share this or not, but sometimes something is so bad it’s too good not to share. So here we go... I was in a spontaneous mood this afternoon, Fridays are full of possibilities with an upcoming weekend and some lovely sunshine amid the showers! So, naturally, I decided to pop … Continue reading Laura’s Not-So-Beautiful Hedgehog Cake

Grounding: Day Seventeen

Grounding: Day Seventeen The trees in my garden have started growing leaves, it was really nice to see the plants starting to form buds, waking up for Spring. I became aware of my posture today, my lower back had been hurting me and I found that when I stood more upright and relaxed my shoulders … Continue reading Grounding: Day Seventeen