Grounding: Day Nineteen

Grounding: Day Nineteen I lost my phone. What does this mean? No camera. No evidence. laptop charger had gone missing too. Therefore I had no ability to post yesterday! BUT I promise I DID go outside and stand in the cold for two minutes in an attempt to “ground” myself. Here were my notes … Continue reading Grounding: Day Nineteen

Grounding: Day Thirteen

Grounding: Day Thirteen Lucky number thirteen eh! I was going to start another 30 day challenge yesterday but I think I’ll have to wait until this one is over. At least; I’ll wait to write about it until I’ve finished this grounding experiment. The next challenge is a big one and super tiring. And I … Continue reading Grounding: Day Thirteen

Grounding: Day Six

Grounding Day Six: Last night we had a storm which continued through this morning and well into the afternoon. I was beginning to worry that I’d have to do my daily “grounding” with an umbrella and let my feet get wet! But; once again, there was a short sunny spell in the late afternoon and … Continue reading Grounding: Day Six