Life…it’s not all about You.

In my previous line of work, I took selfies wearing make up. That’s a rather obvious part of working within the beauty industry selling cosmetics online. So my phone was full (5,000+ pics) of selfies. Not my pets. Not my children. Not my husband. Not even my food! Selfies. With the rise of social media, … Continue reading Life…it’s not all about You.

Dear Friend…(A letter from someone who is hurting)

I saw these pictures come up online and my emotional response led me to writing a post about it. I realised that not only did I completely relate with the message of these pictures, but I realised I was not alone in the suffering. So, this letter is for everyone out there who is hurting … Continue reading Dear Friend…(A letter from someone who is hurting)

Messages from Heaven

In my post The Pathway to Healing is not Simple, I promised that next time I go out for a walk I’ll share some beautiful hidden treasures in Swindon. Today is the day, I got ready for school run, dropped the kids off and ventured out wherever my heart compelled me to go. I anticipated … Continue reading Messages from Heaven