Swindon Pet Groomers Get a Hollywood Makeover

It is no secret that I own a Poochon. She takes up a lot of my Instagram newsfeed these days, but with her huge eyes, adorable facial expressions and fluffy fur, can you blame me? Her fur is much similar to a sheep's coat. Wooly, fluffy and curly! She doesn't shed like most dogs and … Continue reading Swindon Pet Groomers Get a Hollywood Makeover

Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)

Conversation with a puppy: (True Story) Daisy: Human! Human! Get me out of here! Me: Daisy, you’re in the crate for your own safety. It’s also 4am, go back to sleep. Daisy: I can’t sleep. The Sky is awake, so i am awake! Me: No. I’m going back to bed. Daisy: Don’t leave me human! … Continue reading Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)