NaNoWriMo Day 6: Sugar and Spice

And so, 20 pages in. Ada meets Daniel. Finally, the story begins. At least, the story that I dreamt about a couple of weeks ago. Now, in my dreams the journey that Ada and Daniel embark on has a very clear direction, with a specific destination. However, in my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel, "Love Me, Crazy," … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Day 6: Sugar and Spice

Why I love Daisies so much! Story Time!

Did you know that each flower has a meaning? I wonder who was the first person to assign meanings to flowers? (And.....Google here we go!) According to Smithsonian Gardens:  Flowers had powerful meanings in the Victorian Era and were often given as a way to express emotions. However, meanings and traditions change throughout time and … Continue reading Why I love Daisies so much! Story Time!

Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)

Conversation with a puppy: (True Story) Daisy: Human! Human! Get me out of here! Me: Daisy, you’re in the crate for your own safety. It’s also 4am, go back to sleep. Daisy: I can’t sleep. The Sky is awake, so i am awake! Me: No. I’m going back to bed. Daisy: Don’t leave me human! … Continue reading Conversation With a Puppy (4AM)

Grounding: Day Eleven

Grounding: Day Eleven Today I learnt a valuable lesson. Even if you’re grounded, you can still feel like you’re falling. I think whenever I read blogs about these lifestyle changes they sell the idea that all your worries and problems will go away if you just did a, b and c. So after spending an … Continue reading Grounding: Day Eleven