Nostalgia, Walking and Rambles!

Last night, I decided to grab these old-school hair rollers that were an impulse Amazon purchase from last week. I had fond memories of waking up as a teenager with insanely wildly curly hair.

So I sat in bed watching The Apprentice and twisted these rollers in place, and took a selfie to prove it!

What I did not remember, it seems, is how PAINFUL it is to sleep with these in your hair! Every angle I tried, my hair felt like it was being pulled from my scalp! I was terrified that I’d wake up with huge chunks of hair missing, I pulled the rollers out and proceeded to sleep like a baby.

So my hair looks like this. It does whatever it wants to do so I’m just going to roll with it.

I decided to go out for a walk with the dog today, I couldn’t find anything to wear and found this dress and cardigan at the bottom of my drawers! Yay! That’ll do!

Only slight snag, is that the wind kept trying to blow my drew up, so I spent a lot of time holding my skirt down while holding onto the dog. I’m sure to passers by, the sight of me hobbling down the road was amusing, but I was far from impressed!

The berry’s are everywhere. Dad always told me that when you see lots of berries it’s nature’s way of preparing for a hard winter. I wonder what we’re heading for this year?

I felt like I could relate with this tree. Consumed to the point you don’t really know what type of tree it is anymore.

This dog refuses to walk normally. She zig zags along the path that often makes me trip up!

But the sky is oh so beautiful!

Get outside today! Who knows how many more we have before the season changes again and the sun goes into hibernation!



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