New Eyeliner Trend Alert!


So here’s a funny story. I was at the checkout most likely looking something like this:


Which is my “No make up, crazy hair, don’t care” look which I’ve been sporting lately. And the girl at the checkout had the most amazing eyes! They were a striking blue with a dark eyeliner, false lashes and the coolest designs on the sides of her eyes. The liner flicked out dramatically and she put a few dots by her eye that kind of looked like freckles I guess? It was so beautiful!

And you know, even though I’ve been scrubbing down to basics and being the au-natural Laura, this time last year I was posting glamorous photos like this:


Which I admit, is still somewhat a crazy hair look, but that’s sort of just who I am?

Anyways, I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I’m actually a qualified make up artist and my job used to be selling and advertising cosmetics and I did make overs and photo shoots alongside it.

I miss the make overs. I also miss having a reason to put make up on. I know I shouldn’t need a reason, I don’t put make up on to garner male attention or fish for compliments. I genuinely love expressing my creativity through fun and – sometimes – daring looks!

Seeing this girl at the checkout reignited this excitement in me and I found myself trying out her look today.


I LOVE the cute eyeliner design. It was so fun to wear make up and go for something different!

Have you spotted a make up trend you’d like to try out, or have any suggestions for me to try? Let me know!


Be real. Be creative.



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