The Magic and Wonder of Walking in the dark!

I took my dog out for a walk tonight - after dark. As a woman, I usually feel intimidated going out alone in the dark, but never fear my readers, now I have Daisy to back me up! Yeah, you can laugh. I'm not serious. Walking a Poochon does not necessarily instil much confidence. Sure, … Continue reading The Magic and Wonder of Walking in the dark!

Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

  Before I took the plunge to homeschool my kids, I could not visualise HOW I could do it. I would look at all these homeschooling mums with so much respect and awe, wondering how they stay sane and keep up with the mammoth responsibility to educate their children. Then I was forced to make … Continue reading Homeschooling – A Day in a Life

Grounding: Days Twenty Eight

Grounding Day Twenty Eight: My daily routine of popping outside and standing barefoot on the ground has become so normal, I haven’t really had anything to write about. Though I will say that I’ve noticed a change in my mood. I have a hope alive in me that just wasn’t there before. A twinkle in … Continue reading Grounding: Days Twenty Eight

Grounding: Day Twenty Seven

Grounding: Day Twenty Seven In proper routine now. I grounded several times today just walking around my back garden to take bins out, sort the puppy and just because I felt like it. I have decided that for me, grounding clears my head and helps my focus. I’ve found myself spending less time on my … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Seven

Messages from Heaven

In my post The Pathway to Healing is not Simple, I promised that next time I go out for a walk I’ll share some beautiful hidden treasures in Swindon. Today is the day, I got ready for school run, dropped the kids off and ventured out wherever my heart compelled me to go. I anticipated … Continue reading Messages from Heaven

Grounding: Day Twenty Four

Grounding: Day Twenty Four Today I acted as Nurse Burton because all three of my children were unwell with fevers and upset stomachs. Once all the boys were settled, I took the opportunity to clear out my kitchen. I want the energy to flow easily in my home. I absolutely hate clutter, and yet having … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Four

Grounding: Day Twenty Three

Grounding: Day Twenty Three Today the sun has been shining, the air is almost warm and my mind was buzzing with ideas. Grounding today was inspiring and I felt an energy boost being outside and grounding with the Earth. It feels like the grass, the trees, the flowers - even the soil, have all woken … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Three

Grounding: Day Twenty Two

After - unsuccessfully - attempting to ground in the snow a couple of days ago, (see exhibit A) I came to the sensible decision to postpone my daily grounding until it melted. There is being crazy determined and just plain silly. So that’s why this is super late! Aaaand we are back on track! You … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty Two

Grounding: Day Twenty One

Grounding: Day Twenty One Want to know how cold it was today when I stood outside to ground? -3 degrees. MINUS THREE PEOPLE!! I have decided I’ve lost the plot. Who in their right mind, stands barefoot in the SNOW? This gal. Every Wednesday I am sad, missing my dad so much it causes me … Continue reading Grounding: Day Twenty One